Our Mission

At ACOG our mission statement is, “Saving the American Family, One
Child at a Time.” Our focus is investing in American families, seeking
to instill Godly values and principles in families, youth and children.
We believe children are lead to worship and devotion by the
examples set forth by their parents and the adults in their lives. We
want to see souls saved, lives changed and people living in the light
of the Lord.

Statistically, young people leave the church as soon as they leave
their childhood homes. Statistics also say that young people are
looking for a beautiful and holy experience, full of reverence. They
seek a genuine church experience, not a worldly entertainment
environment that’s desperately seeking to be trendy and relevant.
They want something that they cannot get at a coffee shop, a mall,
or a concert.

At ACOG, we train our adults and youth to be active participants in
ministry both on Sundays, Wednesdays, and throughout the week.
We teach them the importance of memorizing scriptures, why they
believe what they believe, and we include them in intercession and
prayer. We all work together in many outreach ministries. We
believe a thriving church is a Holy Spirit led church and we invite Him
to move freely.